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'Some People Can Sense Power.'

'Residents in a seaside town succumb to the malevolence of a witch, who sets a fury in motion.'

SHE MUST VANISH is an Award Winning Short by Kyle Martellacci. The mesmerising supernatural horror stars Anne-Carolyne Binette as the young witch Mia, Renny Jachowicz as Darren, Meri Spencer as the mysterious Woman and Valerie Taller as the haunting Coven Leader.

Canadian filmmaker Martellacci is one of my favourites that specialises in the Horror genre (and was also one of our QuizMasters for the HOH QuizShow).

His (one man) production company, Red Razor Pictures have quite the selection of films and awards to date. Some stand out shorts to seek out would be I Make Corpses and Canada Day (a horror/comedy faux trailer) and the stunningly made The Scarlet Vultures - all can be found on Red Razor YouTube Channel. Whilst Kyle collaborates with a lot of talented people on his shorts, he does write, direct, shoot, edit and produce all his films on his own! That is indeed quite some feat to be applauded.

The spellbinding short is very well shot, creating this dream-like sense that your body is floating into a forbidden realm that you really shouldn’t be a part of. We’re immediately drawn in with the opening scene, as Mia has just slaughtered a man and torn out his heart. We are now trapped within Martellacci’s grasp and his grip crushes us slowly but surely throughout the 14 min runtime. What follows is a polite warning to Mia about her presence within the town which holds ‘quite a reputation’. Unfazed, the young witch goes on to meet her next victim, with shocking and surprising consequences. This dark mystery hypnotises you into submission right up until the final frame, which itself is extraordinarily bleak.

With the bewitching acting, haunting score and gloomy cinematography, Martellacci manages to cast a fresh and atmospheric spell whilst paying homage to 70’s Cultist Horror.

She Must Vanish has been selected and shown at many festivals over the past year, and picked up a few awards along the way, as well as a recent nomination for Best Cinematography at the Houston Horror Film Festival.

Anne-Carolyne Binette has also done very well from the film, picking up Best Actress at Requiem Fear Fest and Northern Frights Fest as well as winning Scream Queen at Horror-Rama Film Fest. A massive congratulations to the team all round! And the cherry on top has to be that the short was released TODAY on the horrifying YouTube Channel ALTER.

Follow Kyle's work on the Red Razor Picture accounts - Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

She Must Vanish is out NOW on ALTER


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