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Scream Resurrection - A Hooked On Horror Review

The return of Ghostface is not enough to carry Scream Resurrection

So I binge watched every episode today...and I'm feeling pretty let down by it. Gutted to be honest as I went into this with high hopes.

There are some positives- Seeing Ghostface and his voice (Roger Jackson) back, it was amazing! Tony Todd's brief appearances were pretty cool. There was some really good and gruesome kills, plenty of gore and brutality. The special effects were pretty good.

BUT all in all it was a poorly written series that's dull and lackluster between Ghostface's screen time. Some of the dialogue is painfully bad in places, like who the hell thought 'The Deadfast Club' instead of Breakfast Club would be good? It was cringe worthy a lot of the time. The acting was mediocre at best, I found myself rooting for Ghostface to kill them all. The characters were so unlikable and annoying. Keke Palmer had the pleasure of playing one the most annoying characters ever put in a horror. I was praying her social justice warrior character, Kym, was going to meet a truly gruesome end. Think Paris Hilton in House of Wax, when people cheered upon seeing her die. As for the story, there wasn't much to it, the 'twists' and ending were laughable. I hate to think what Kevin Williamson thought of it. It lacked everything that made the films so amazing!

As a fan of Scream I enjoyed this solely for seeing Ghostface back in action but I wouldn't recommend going out your way to watch it. Hopefully someone will take all of Ghostface's moments and kills in the show and edit them into a long montage; now THAT would be worth watching!


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