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Re-live Universal Studios' Kongfrontation with Theme Park Alchemy's 'Banana Breath' candle

"Chopper 1 to Delta-Base. Chopper 1 to base. Stop all trams. I repeat stop all trams! Kong is now- yes he's heading straight for the tram routes . Stop all trams!"

Kongfrontation was one of the original rides in Universal Studios Orlando when the park first opened in June 7th 1990. You would step into the Kongfrontation que and instantly be transported to 1976 New York City where you keep over hearing reports of "Kong On The Loose". You then board a tram where your live guide would inform you that you're being evacuated from Manhattan Island to Roosevelt Island to avoid Kong's attack. That is of course until Kong changes direction and heads straight for the tram lines... The ride was later closed September 8th 2002 and replaced with indoor coaster The Revenge of the Mummy.

Now for any of you that have been to Universal Studios Orlando you will know that nearly every ride has it's own distinctive features, including it's own smell. And what Theme Park Alchemy have aimed to do here is capture the ride's unique smell and put it into a candle for fans to remember and enjoy for years to come.

I will admit I was skeptical at first as it is an incredibly hard thing to do, but they have perfectly captured the smell of the Kongfrontation ride. When I opened the candle all I could smell was banana, but when I lit it all these other smells came alive. The musk and mustiness of New York, the smell of fumes from Kong's path of destruction, the tinge of metal from your cable car and of course the tinge of banana from Kong himself. I closed my eyes and it was like I was a kid again; sat on that ride with my siblings and parents anxiously waiting for the vicious Kong to attack our tram.

The artwork on the candle lid is fantastic as well and perfectly captures the heart of the ride. This combined with the smell make this candle a must for any Kongfrontation fans.

Head over to Theme Park Alchemy's website, Facebook or Instagram for more information or to grab youself a candle now.


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