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Re-live the Glory Days of Jaws The Ride with Theme Park Alchemy's 'Shark Bait' Candle

"This is base. You're clear for departure Amity 6, have a good trip."

Jaws was one of the original rides in Universal Studios Orlando when the park first opened June 27th 1990, but when it proved to be more problematic than all the other rides in the park it was closed August 1990. After multiple failed attempts to refurbish parts and reopen the ride throughout 1991 and 1992, it was closed, fully refurbished and reopened Spring 1993. The ride saw visitors board Amity 6, one of the tour boats for Captain Jake's Amity Boat Tours (the best, and only, scenic cruise on the island) where a tour guide would show you round Amity and some of the spots where back in 1974 that bad old shark Jaws devoured those poor and innocent islanders. That is until your tour is interrupted by a great white shark...

Unfortunately Amity 6 took it's last voyage January 2nd 2012. It was demolished and replaced by The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Now like every other ride at Universal, Jaws had a very distinctive smell. Like the Banana Breath candle for Kongfrontation, Theme Park Alchemy have tried to capture the ride's smell in their 'Shark Bait' candle for fans to relive the days they conquered the menace of Jaws. And once again they've nailed it! Again, it didn't seem that special until you light it and you unleash these familiar smells. The fresh and slightly salty smell of sea air that accompanied the ride, the old, musty smell that hits you when entering Quint's boathouse, the tinge of the fuel from gasdock explosion and, unbelievably, you even get that smell of crisp Jaws after he's bitten on that electrical cable.

It took me back to the days of my family holidays where I would be sat on Amity 6 waiting to hear that scream from Gordon on Amity 3 before all hell breaks loose and a giant man eating shark comes after our little tour boat. Again the artwork on the top of candle is just beautiful and finishes it off nicely. Combine that with the smell and yet again they've got a winner here.

This candle is a must for any fan. And short of going to Universal Studios Japan, this is the closest you will get to reliving this ride.

Head to Theme Park Alchemy's website, Facebook or Instagram for more information and to grab yourself a candle now.


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