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'Orphan: First Kill' Prequel to Orphan On The Way; Isabelle Fuhrman to Return as Esther

Variety revealed the news yesterday that a prequel film to the 2009 Orphan is currently in the works from Entertainment One & Dark Castle Entertainment. And yes Isabelle Fuhrman will be returning to reprise her iconic role as Esther!

In the upcoming film-

“Leena Klammer orchestrates a brilliant escape from an Estonian psychiatric facility and travels to America by impersonating the missing daughter of a wealthy family. But Leena’s new life as “Esther” comes with an unexpected wrinkle and pits her against a mother who will protect her family at any cost.”

Back in 2009, Isabelle Fuhrman had her breakthrough role as Esther in the horror film Orphan. Esther was adopted by parents (played by Peter Sarsgaard and Vera Farmiga) overcoming an unspeakable loss of their own. As the film progresses it appear something is very wrong with her. And of course the film gave us quite possibly one of the darkest and most unforgettable twists in a horror to date. Esther was not a child at all, but an adult woman (named Leena Klammer) with primordial dwarfism masquerading as a nine-year-old. This made her attempts to split up her parents and eliminate her siblings all the more sinister and unforgettable. A truly incredible twist!

And it appears that something is still wrong with Esther...

The prequel film, titled Orphan: First Kill, will see Fuhrman reprise her role with William Brent Bell (The Boy) directing and David Caggeshall having written the script. Production is already underway in Winnipeg and Julia Stiles has also signed on to join Fuhrman.

The big question on everyone's mind of course is how is Fuhrman, who's now 23, going to be playing Esther again- well Deadline have revealed more information regarding the film.

"In order to help Fuhrman bring her character to life again, filmmakers are utilizing a combination of forced perspective shooting and a world-class makeup team."

Dark Castle’s Alex Mace, Hal Sadoff and Ethan Erwin are producing with James Tomlinson. David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick will serve as an EP with Jen Gorton and Josie Liang overseeing for eOne.

As of yet, there is no release date. We'll be sure to update you guys as soon as we know.


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