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New Dracula film is in development

After The Mummy bombed at the box office in 2017, Universal abandoned their plans for the Universal Monsters Dark Universe. After taking a step back and finding an alternative approach, it looks like they've found success with The Invisible Man. So joining the other films currently in development (The Invisible Woman, Reinfield, Dark Army, Monster Mash & James Wan's untitled Monster Movie) is a new take on Dracula.

THR has reported the new film is in the works from Jason Blum's Blumhouse Productions. Universal is currently not involved and in fact the film could technically be snapped up by another studio as Dracula is in the public domain. But due to a first look deal Blumhouse and Universal have, it's incredibly unlikely Universal would pass up the opportunity to re-introduce one of their most iconic monsters.

Karyn Kusama will direct with Matt Manfredi and Phil Hay writing the script. The new film would put a modern take on the iconic monster, as reported by THR.

"Like The Invisible Man, which offered a contemporary spin on the classic H.G. Wells novel, a new Dracula would take place in modern times, sources tell THR."

Judging from how fantastic The Invisible Man was (you can read my full review here ) and some of the film makers they have involved, it's hard not to get excited about these upcoming monster movies!


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