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NECA unveils new 'Alpha Predator' figure

NECA have announced their 'Ultimate Alpha Predator' figure. A completely original creation from NECA that will mark their 100th Predator figure released. The landmark figure is the "very first original design and concept by NECA" and features an array of brand new tech and gadgets for the Predator.

The mask, some of you may notice, pays homage to the original Predator design that was originally scrapped. The original design of The Predator was completely different originally, and was played by action star Jean Claude Van Damme. The idea behind casting Van Damme was he would use his martial arts to make the Predator an agile, ninja-Raquel Hunter. He was ultimately dropped for being too short and constant complaining about the suit and not being seen on camera without the suit.

The original suit was designed by a special effects company the studio picked to save money. Because of this, the suit was described (by Arnold Schwarzenegger) as looking like someone in a lizard suit with the head of a duck. Stan Winston was brought in, the Predator was re-dsigned and re-created at a cost of $1.5 million and Kevin Peter Hall replaced Van Damme.

The Alpha Predator figure will be boxed in packaging complete with new artwork and designs by the incredibly talented Jason Edmiston and will feature the character's origin story.

Check out NECA's announcment and the full gallery below.

"To commemorate the release of over 100 different Predator figures comes the very first original design and concept by NECA, the Alpha Predator!

In place of the traditional tech, gadgets, and armor worn by other yautja, the Alpha’s attire takes on a more insect-like appearance; a subtle homage to the original 1987 Predator design. Standing at 8” tall with over 30 points of articulation, the Ultimate Alpha Predator is an entirely new sculpt kitted out with an array of accessories including a removable mask, hook, gauntlets, and 3 pairs of interchangeable hands. Classic Predator weapons such as the wrist blades, staff, and shuriken, have been reimagined to fit his unique theme."

The figure is expected to ship in June 2020.


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