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NECA's Ultimate Michael Myers (2018) Figure Review

The Ultimate Michael Myers figure from NECA is incredible! The figure, depicting Michael Myers as seen in the latest Halloween, comes beautifully presented in a windowed box with a great choice of accessories. Myers comes complete with a hammer, fire poker and of course, his iconic butcher knife, 6 inter-changeable hands (each featuring different levels of gore), two inter-changable heads, Judith Myers headstone, Dave's heart eyed jack-o-lantern and Officer Francis' head jack-o-lantern.

To start the sculpt on the figure is fantastic and the attention to detail is brilliant. This caught my eye more than it usually does on most NECA figures. One of heads you can see the eyes more clearly and his left eye is clearly scarred and damaged as it is in the film. One of the hands also allows you to get a really closer look at the damage Laurie's gun did to Michael's poor hand. The paint job on it is great and they have nailed the entire look as if the figure had fallen straight off the screen and into a package. The points of articulation are stiff at first but after a few movements they are easy enough to move and pose as you please. The hands and heads are relatively easy to change. Dave's jack-o-lantern is a great touch to the figure and personally reminds me of the humour within the film. To make things even better, the light in it even flickers like a real jack-o-lantern would. Judith Myers' headstone was another beautifully crafted addition.

But the last accessory for me was a personal favourite...Officer Francis' head is simply amazing. The detailing, sculpt and paint job on it is wonderful and to have it included in the figure was a massive bonus for me. I loved that moment in the film and thought the practical effects for it were amazing. Was one of the several great moments in the film that showcased Myers sheer brutality...just a little bit gutted we didn't see it for longer. But luckily now I get to see it everyday!

To conclude the figure is utterly fantastic and everything included with it makes this, for me, one of Neca's best. If you were a fan of the latest film, or the franchise in general, I'd reccomend this figure to add to your collection. Believe me, you will not be disappointed!


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