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IT: Chapter Two - A Hooked On Horror Review

Not long out of ODEON after watching a double bill of IT, followed by IT: Chapter Two...and guys Chapter Two is fantastic. To start, seeing the first chapter on the big screen again was great. Forgot how good it was, but I can honestly say Chapter Two blew me away. I want you to experience this film in all it's glory so although I may seem brief, it is to keep this spoiler free.

Visually, even more beautiful than the first with fantastic editing. It felt like Muschietti had only began to display a fraction of his creativity and talent with Chapter One and unleashed his full potential with this film

The cast were great, each Loser the perfect double of their younger counterparts. Everything from look to mannerisms and body language was really on point. Solid performances all round, Hader in particular brings many wonderful of moments of comic relief during the film. I really felt the younger cast really got to shine in scenes they shared the screen with their older doubles. Skarsgard again, utterly fantastic. One upped himself and added another level of creepy to Pennywise.

As for the story, it does flick back and fourth throughout childhood and adulthood following each of the Losers Club but it flowed really well and never strayed off or bored me. Expands on the whole Pennywise mythology further whilst maintaining a creepy sense of mystery about him. My only complaint is I wish the Losers Club had more scenes together as adults.

In regards to scares, they have upped it a level since the first film. Some were a lot more intense than Chapter One. Some wonderful scares, jumps and visually terrifying moments throughout.

The special effects were great, and they used A LOT of blood in this! Some of the monsters/creatures you see on screen are really well designed. As I previously said, some are alot creepier than those seen in Chapter One. There's one in particular that really freaked me out.

I'll round this up by saying look out for some nods to other iconic horror films and a kick-ass cameo...all of which will leave you with a smile on your face.

In closing, a fantastic follow up to the first and a great way to finish off Pennywise and the Losers Club's story. Is it better than Chapter One? Me personally I'd say it's on par with it, potentially better. There's so much more I want to say...but I don't wanna spoil it. So go see the film and decide for yourselves. And then let us know what you think.

This is one definitely worth seeing horror fans!

Beep Beep Ritchie🎈


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