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Indie Horror The Cellar Coming Soon

Indie horror, The Cellar, is currently in post production and will be doing the festival circuit when complete.

the cellar
We are a group of film makers who have worked together on many projects and have now come together to produce an independent sci-fi horror feature film about an underground cult trying to achieve immortality by experimenting on unsuspecting humans. 

The Cellar follows the story of a young girl, Abigail (played by Meghan Adara) who awakens imprisoned underground with amnesia. She must escape, unravel the mystery behind her captivity, and confront her personal struggles. A suspenseful tale of survival, truth, and inner turmoil unfolds.

Meghan Adara in The Cellar

The feature film horror comes from the mind of writer director Jamie Langlands, a trained actor with over 20 years of experience having worked closely with many high-profile producers, writers and directors. These have included working with Stranger Things producer William Bridges, and filmmaking legend himself John Landis.

The team behind this film also includes award winning director of photography Richard Anthony Dunford, Doctors sound recordist Carrie Higgs, SFX artist Carys Bruns-Toms and composers Christian Parras and Sean Lecrone.

The cast includes up and comer Meghan Adara as the troubled and haunted lead, Abigail. Supporting cast includes Charlotte Marshall, Mickaela Sands, Obie Dean, Neil James and Wayne Liversidge.

The Cellar

The feature is currently in post production, but is looking for additional funding to help with post production costs. You can learn more and support the film by heading over to their IndieGoGo page HERE, they've got some great perks still up for grabs. You can see updates via their Facebook Page. You can check out the first teaser below.

The Cellar

The Cellar


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