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Iconic Horror The Changeling to be Remade

The iconic paranormal horror, The Changeling is set to be remade as Deadline unveiled the news earlier today.

Cornerstone films, who first picked up the title in 2018, will be shopping the project at the upcoming Cannes virtual market. Finnish director Anders Engström has signed on to direct with the film's original producer returning to oversee production on the remake. It will be interesting to see Joel B. Michaels' input will be having produced the original1980 classic.

“I am overjoyed at having the unique opportunity to reimagine an updated version of the iconic filmThe Changeling that I produced so many years ago. It’s flattering to know that it proved to have inspired a rash of filmmakers that paid homage to the original film. I am excited to be working with Anders Engström who will bring his own contemporary vision to the film.” - Joel B. Michaels

Uwe Schott and Stefan Arndt are also producing with Cornerstone’s Alison Thompson and Mark Gooder serving as executive producers.

The film, written by Tab Murphy, is said to introduce "several new twists and turns". The Changeling follows a musician who, after the death of his young daughter, returns to his childhood home. After a series of terrifying events, he begins to unlock the mystery of the dead child that haunts his home along with a terrible family secret. Currently the plan is to shoot the remake in Ireland.

More to follow.


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