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Hooked On Horror's Top 20 Michael Myers Kills

Happy Halloween horror fans! You can't really be celebrating this holiday without watching at least one of Michael's films. Whichever film you choose to watch or whatever timeline you may be following be sure to look out for these kills; they are certainly ones to remember! Here's my top 20 Michael Myers kills from the Halloween franchise-

Number 20

Attendant J. Black

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers

Cause of Death - Head repeatedly slammed against inside of ambulance, thumb driven into forehead.

Starting off this list with a great kill from Myers. Poor Attendant Black only killed for doing his job. This kill had to special as this film brought Myers back after Season of the Witch performed so badly at the box office. And let's be honest it was a great way to welcome Myers back! Not to mention rather impressive considering he's been in a catatonic state since the events of Halloween II. The sheer brutality and strength Myers showed off in this kill was a sure reminder that he was well and truly back...and here to stay.

Number 19

Nurse Karen Bailey

Halloween II

Cause of Death - Drowned in a scolding hot hydrotherapy tub.

Again reinforcing the whole sex equals death rule that Randy goes on about in Scream, Nurse Bailey faces the wrath of Michael after having fun in a hydrotherapy tub in Haddonfield Memorial Hospital. Originally thinking she's getting the cold shoulder from her boyfriend (Budd) for ending the fun she tries to apologise. Turns to find out Michael has already killed him and is there to take care of her next. As if being drowned was bad enough, but being burnt and scolded in the process just makes things even worse. This film did feature a few decent kills to be fair, honourable mention to the pure surgical precision and skill Michael demonstrated when he drained Nurse Virginia Alves' blood with an IV line.

Number 18

Weasley Rhoades

Rob Zombie's Halloween

Cause of Death - Beaten to death with a large tree branch.

I wasn't a huge fan of Zombie's re-imagining of the film, but it had it's moments. This definitely being one of them. Let's be honest I think everyone must've at least smirked a little bit when this character got killed. Typical high school bully and all round nasty piece of work, it was nice to see him get his comeuppance. Furthermore I felt this was a pinnacle moment within Zombie's film, Michael finally kills his first which cements his path of becoming the notorious and ruthless murderer we all know and love today. Not to mention the fact it was something else to see him so ruthless this young.

Number 17

Sarah Wainthrope

Halloween H20: 20 Years Later

Cause of Death - Stabbed in the leg, dumbwaiter dropped on leg breaking it then stabbed in the back multiple times.

Definitely the most memorable death in H20; this is one of the few in the franchise that actually made me nauseous. The dumbwaiter being dropped on her leg and snapping it was not only really well done but is truly disgusting to watch. And of course Michael being the true artist he is displays her body by hanging her from the light in the pantry from Will and Molly to find later. It was a nice nod to how Laurie found her dead friends in the original 1979 classic from John Carpenter.

Number 16


Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers

Cause of Death - Choked then stabbed in the face with a garden claw

This for me was one of the more memorable deaths in Halloween 5. You shouldn't really try and pick a fight with Michael Myers, regardless of what he's done to your car. Mike learnt this the hard way. Considering the amount of gore 80s horror was famous for this was one of the more tame death scenes, however AMC didn't think so. When the film used to play on network channel AMC, Mike's death was in fact cut because it was deemed too gruesome. But you'll be happy to know that's not the case anymore.

Number 15

Nurse Jill Franco

Halloween II

Cause of Death - Stabbed in the back with a scalpel

Another great death from Halloween II. After attempting to flee the hospital to find her tyres flat, she returns to Haddonfield Memorial to find Laurie safe. Of course that's short lived as Michael appears behind her and stabs her in the back with a scalpel lifting her off the ground. The TV version of Halloween II in fact makes it appear as though she survives her ordeal with Myers. The television version of the film shows that Jill is simply being grabbed by Michael and groans after he lets go of her, which strongly suggests she survives.

Number 14

Young Woman


Cause of Death - Head smashed against window sill, stabbed through back of neck.

Again there was a few deaths I really enjoyed in the 2018 sequel from Blumhouse & Universal, not to mention I thought that James Jude Courtney made a fantastic Michael Myers. Shortly after a fantastic long-take as Myers makes his way through his old stomping grounds and trick or treaters, he demonstrates he's still got the goods as he kills this Haddonfield resident quickly and ruthlessly.

Number 13

Ismael Cruz

Rob Zombie's Halloween

Cause of Death - Nearly drowned, head crushed with television.

This one was really brutal, stuck with me after I finished the film. I do suggest going with the Theatrical Version to avoid a really disgusting and unnecessary rape scene prior to Ismael's death scene. After looking after Michael for years, at this point in the film he is the only thing standing between Michael and freedom. And it doesn't matter how well he's treated Michael. Myers beats him before nearly drowning him, he finishes him off by smashing a wall mounted TV set on his head. Sheer brutality and ruthlessness displayed by Michael in this scene really sinks in. This is one of the scenes in the movie that not only demonstrates how truly evil Myers is but how great Tyler Mane is as Myers. This death scene was originally cut from the film after complaints from the studio heads. Zombie lobbied to them, stating it was important to show how brutal and un-compassionate the character truly is. In the final cut, Zombie won and was allowed to put the scene in.

Number 12

Kelly Meeker

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers

Cause of Death - Impaled with a shotgun, pinned to wall.

I have to admit, I love this kill! After making coffee for who she thought was Deputy Logan, she discovers his body just before Michael reveals himself and impales her with Dep. Logan's shotgun. In a very nice nod to Bob's death scene in the original Halloween, she is also pinned to the wall. Why do I love this death scene so much? I love the fact the filmmakers decided to get creative. Shall he shoot her with the gun? Na that would be too easy and logical...let's impale her with the gun. Just brilliant!

Number 11

Dr. Sartain


Cause of Death - Head stomped and explodes.

Now first time I saw the 2018 sequel I hated what his character does in movie. Killing Officer Hawkins and his unhealthy obsession with Myers, what makes him tick and wanting to see him in an uncontrolled environment. Subsequent viewings after that, I still hated it...but I can see what the film makers were going for so it made a bit more sense. Either way, his death was fantastic. Just Michael really not giving a shit about him or what he wants. And even better this was done with practical effects. If you re-read my article following the #HalloweenatHome event (Everything We Learnt From Halloween at Home), producer Ryan Turek revealed he kept Sartain's smushed head made of meat before having to throw it out as it was stinking out one of Blumhouse's storage facilities. Whoops!

Number 10

John Strode

Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers

Cause of Death - Stabbed with butcher knife, electrocuted on fuse box causing head to explode.

I'm not overly fussed on this film, regardless of which version I watch. But like every other Halloween film, it does have its moments...and John Strode's death is certainly one of them. After finding his wife's head in the dryer, Michael swiftly appears behind him and stabs him. As his character was a nasty piece of work in this film, I think what happened next was just for the fans. Michael lifts him up and electrocutes him on the fuse box until his head explodes. Yes it's ridiculous and unrealistic but it's bloody good fun!

Number 9

Mason Strode

Rob Zombie's Halloween

Cause of Death - Beaten & throat slashed open

This one kind of took me by surprise, and it all happens so quickly! Just after Annie picks up Laurie, Michael strikes quickly. Seemingly coming out of nowhere there's no messing around here. For me this is probably the best kill in the film. The sheer brutality and ruthlessness of Tyler Mane's Myers is laid all out in this kill alone. The scene that follows in the house where Cynthia is pretty brutal as well.

Number 8

Judith Myers


Cause of Death - Stabbed multiple times with butcher knife.

Ah the one that started it all! A young Michael Myers picks up a butcher knife October 31st 1963 and hasn't put it down since. For me, this death is fantastic more so for how it was shot. Not only a great way to start the film, but adds so much creepiness and mystery to it. Especially when you see things through the mask. Originally titled The Babysitter Murders, writer and producer Debra Hill actually played Myers for these scenes. They couldn't get the six-year old child actor until the very last day, so Hill volunteered to be Michael for any scenes where his hands come into view. This is why the nails on young Michael's hands look so well manicured and varnished.

Number 7

Nurse Janet Marshall

Halloween II

Cause of Death - Air bubble injected into temple.

This one still makes me wince. This death was in fact often misperceived by viewers and critics from appearing as if Michael Myers is inserting the syringe into her eye...granted that's probably worse but injecting an air bubble straight into someones temple is just too much. A great death for me is one that can be both memorable, well done and at times uncomfortable...and this one ticked all three boxes!

Number 6

Deb Jennings

Halloween Ends

Cause of Death- stabbed in chest, pinned to wall.

A pretty great kill and a wonderful nod to one of the franchise’s most famous kills. Probably more brutal than Bob’s purely for the fact it’s more well lit so you get to see more. She was a pretty annoying character so she needed a semi-decent death. And it’s nice to see Michael doing the killing for a change in this film; considering this was to be the finale for him only having three kills in Ends is pretty poor if you ask me.

Number 5



Cause of Death - Stabbed then impaled on gate.

A fantastic death from the 2018 sequel! Kind of feel sorry for Oscar, misread a situation and tried to make a move while drunk...rookie mistake. And I will will admit, I really liked Drew Scheid and his character so I was a tad gutted when Michael killed him. But a great death none the less with some wonderful practical effects!

Number 4

Lynda Van Der Klok


Cause of Death - Strangled with telephone cord.

In keeping with the rules of slasher films, she kind of had to die didn't she? After the gratuitous tit shot Michael makes a meal of her by strangling her with the telephone cord. Yes kids telephones did used to have wires and be plugged into a phone line in the wall. Watching this when I was younger, this is one that stuck with me the most...for me, this was probably the most cool, calculated and brutal kill from Myers in the original film. You briefly forget its Michael under the sheet as it offers a light-hearted, humorous moment due his 'Halloween Costume' complete with Bob's glasses. And then the music kicks back in and you realise that Lynda is a goner! Fun fact- actress P.J. Soles went to a screening of the movie after it was released, sitting in the fourth row of a regular audience. She was very amused when during her nude scene and line of "see anything you like?", a male audience member in front shouted out "Hell yes I do!", unaware she was right behind him.

Number 3

Aaron Corey & Dana Haines


Cause of Death - Head smashed against wall multiple times (Aaron). Choked (Dana)

The first time we got to see Michael in action in the highly anticipated 2018 sequel...and this scene did not disappoint! For me this was a key scene in the film. Blumhouse needed to show us they weren't just fucking round with the franchise or its fans, and they needed something big for the first time we see good ol' Mikey back in action. The aftermath of the kills before hand were brilliant, and I'll admit I was worried it wouldn't live up to the gore and brutality that we got a peak of when Aaron finds the other bodies before hand. How wrong I was! I had the whole cat and mouse feel from the 1978 original with the beginning of this scene as Myers drops the teeth into Dana's bathroom stall, it's just a game to Michael. One that he has been desperate to play again for forty years...

The sheer viciousness, brute strength and cold and calculated savagery demonstrated by Myers was proof THE Michael Myers was well and truly back! I remember watching this with my parents in the cinema when it came out- my old man was smiling just as much as I was, my Mum winced as she looked on and quietly muttered "Jesus Christ" as Aaron lay on the bathroom floor bleeding to death watching Dana be strangled. I was a tad gutted again as Jefferson Hall and Rhian Rhees were fantastic...but what a kill!

Number 2

Bob Simms


Cause of Death - Stabbed in chest pinning him to cupboard door.

This kill is just the epitome of cool! There's a lot of contenders for the best Myers kill but for me this takes the cake. Poor Bob only went to get a beer as well. First time in the 1978 classic for me you really saw Myers capability and strength. Being able to pick someone off the floor one handed is a feat in its own right, but to be able to pin him to a cupboard is even cooler! And of course what follows was one of the creepiest moments in the film as Myers stood back and looked on at Bob to admire his work. I've read that Carpenter's original intention with Myers as a character was to create someone (or something) that the audience wouldn't be able to relate to in any possible way, and for me this scene demonstrates this perfectly. If you wanted any proper insight into Carpenter's original Michael Myers this scene alone speaks volumes!

Number 1

Cameron Elam

Halloween Kills

Cause of Death - Stabbed twice, hand broken, severely beaten and finally neck snapped.

This kill, for me, is by far the most brutal of the entire franchise (and that’s saying something). Yes Cameron was a colossal dick in 2018’s Halloween, but did he really deserve this? Definitely not. Hats off to writers Teems, McBride and Green here as this is an insanely merciless and ferocious kill, and of course shout out to SFX artist Chris Nelson and his team for executing (pun intended) each kill throughout this film so well. I feel Cameron redeemed himself to a certain extent during this film, which makes his death a difficult watch if I’m honest. It’s like watching a cat play with a mouse it’s already caught before inevitably killing it. The fact that Allyson is basically forced to watch Myers toy with her boyfriend as he slowly kills him just makes the sequence much more powerful. And the fact Myers then stops to finally put Cameron out of his misery just truly demonstrates how evil and callous he actually is. If you need to be reminded how awesome this kill is, there you go-


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