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Funko releases first look at Creepshow pop vinyls

More coming out of London Toy Fair as Funko gives us our first look at their new Creepshow pop vinyls.

Based off Shudder's Creepshow Series that aired last year the line currently includes three pop vinyls- The Creep (who was previewed a few months ago), the Genie and the Scarecrow.

The Creep of course you'll recognise from appearing throughout the series and of course being the face of the show.

The Genie featured in episode 3 during 'The Man in the Suitcase' story. The segment featured a traveler returning from a trip to find a man with magical abilities crammed into his suitcase; the traveler and his friends then exploit the suitcase man's abilities.

And the Scarecrow featured in episode 4 during 'The Companion' story. The short story sees a scarecorw brought to life with terrifying results.

Arguably two of the best segments of the series. Hopefully Funko makes more of the Creepshow Series characters into pop vinyls.

Funko have yet to set a release date for these.


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