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Evil Dead Animated Series On Table

It's been a long few years since Starz cancelled the incredible series Ash vs Evil Dead that left fans longing for more comedy, gore and Ash-slaying deadite action. Bruce Campbell has been rather vocal previously about reprising his iconic role as Ash Williams in any sort of live-action capacity, however he returned for the recently released smash hit multiplayer video game. And it appears that he may once again be reprising his role for an animated series.

In a recent interview with Collider at San Diego Comic Con, the actor revealed he is currently holding initial discussions about continuing the much loved Ash vs Evil Dead series as an animated series. According to Collider, the star opened up about how "the future of Evil Dead would be easier to express in animation since his voice hasn't changed much and still resembles the franchise's leading man Ash Williams."

"You pick up right where the show left off. You can do the future a lot easier in animation. I still sound like Ash, and you know, my voice hasn't been as beat up as my body has been so I can still do that crap. So I'll still do the video game. And we're already talking about an animated [series]."

While Campbell spoke positively about the future of the series in an animated form, there is no word of when this series could be put into production or what the plot of it would be, fingers crossed it'll involve some more comedic action from everyone's favourite deadite slayer. As for what's next, Evil Dead Rise will be the fifth film in the franchise as Lee Cronin and Fede Alvarez look to take the franchise away that dreaded cabin in the woods and Bruce Campbell's Ash.

You can check out Bruce Campbell's full interview with Collider below.

More to follow.


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