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Child's Play - A Hooked On Horror Review

So I just got out of Cineworld Cardiff having watched the new Child's Play...and I must admit I'm leaving the cinema relatively statisfied & happy with the film. I can tell you all now this is spoiler free so don't worry about that in this review.

For me, the film starts off pretty slow. I wasn't a huge fan of Chucky's backstory and how he became 'Chucky', I did prefer the full on voodoo curse Charles Lee Ray recited in the original. But it makes sense and ties that up pretty quickly to move on and shift focus onto what Chucky does best! You'll be pleased to hear there are some fantastic deaths in the film, most of which are pretty brutal. In between the more brutal parts of the film there's some great one liners and brief moments of comedy, not to mention some fantastic horror moments & jumps. I wasn't a fan of Audrey Plaza's character in it. Unlike Catherine Hick's Karen in the original, she doesn't seem too bothered looking after her son and at times it feels like Andy's more of an inconvenience than her child. Think that's more the writers fault than Plaza's to be fair. The rest of the cast were brilliant, was particularly fond of Brian Tyree Henry's character Mike. Now...Chucky himself. I can't say I'm a huge fan of the look (I prefer old school Chucky) but the crew did really well with him. He looks and moves like a modern piece of robotics would. There was an era of creepiness about him throughout the film. He did creep me out as much as the original did when I first viewed the film. As for the voice...Hamill deserves a round of applause for his work. Utterly fantastic performance. I didn't think anyone would come close to Dourif's vocal work for Chucky but my God he was great. Feel like it was more classical, old school horror (think Norman Bates timid, friendly voice in Psycho) as oppose to the crazed, desperate criminal Dourif's voice had. Slightly annoyed with Hamill though... I'm gonna have that bloody Buddi Song stuck in my head for weeks now! The big thing for me I did enjoy about this film was the social commentary...we are so reliant on technology nowadays that if someone like Chucky did want to come in and use it for bad, it would be alot easier than you think. Quite creepy really, makes you think.

All in all a good film that is definitely worth seeing. Go into it with an open mind and hopefully you'll come out feeling the same way I did. It's a modern day retelling of the Child's Play story with changes, if you will. And if you really don't want anything to do with it; don't whine, spoil it or troll people...just let others enjoy it. After all Mancini is making a TV Series with SyFy in continuation to Cult of Chucky.

Now...Goodnight Andy.


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