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Ceris' 31 Days of Horror Challenge: Day 18 - Annabelle Comes Home

So this film is another I wasn't overly keen on watching having been told by Adam that it is based on a true story .... also the doll is creepy!

Ed and Lorraine Warren collect the Annabelle doll from two young nurses who tell them that the doll performed violent acts in their apartment and say she should be destroyed. The Warren's take the doll home with them, and on the drive home they come across an accident and have to go the long way round. Obviously they miss there turn and then break down, which is when things get creepy. Ed gets out to check the car and a young girl appears in the back of the car and talks to Lorraine, who looks at Ed to see him surround by dead people, before he is attacked. When they get home Annabelle is locked in a glass cabinet which has been blessed by a priest to stop the evil coming out ...... 100% this is not going to work!

Later we meet Mary Ellen who will be looking after the Warren's daughter Judy while they are out of town investigating another case. Judy notices the spirit of a priest following her at school - although she is very calm considering there is essentially a ghost stalking her. That night Mary Ellens friend Daniela invites herself over to the Warrens house as she wants to speak to the dead, ..... anyone get the feeling that shit is about to go down? Obviously she sneaks into the artefact room which happens to be where Annabelle is locked up, and accidentally leaves the door of her cabinet unlocked. Annabelle starts to unleash terror but not satisfied with just her causing issues, she releases other spirits!

Mary Ellen's crush Bob arrives and sings to her (cheesy much) but is attacked by Black Shuck and manages to hid in the Warren's back garden. The spirits decide that divide and conquer is the best method with The Ferryman going after Mary Ellen and Annabelle setting her sights on Judy in her bedroom. Daniela who had conveniently left earlier returns, manages to lock herself in the artefact room - she has an obsession - and is attacked by the objects in the room ...... and quite rightly so I think! She finds a bracelet which shows her father twisted into an evil spirit, before a vision of a bloody Daniela appears on the television screen after she answers a cursed telephone Luckily for her Judy and Mary Ellen stopped her actually answering the phone!

Judy - who has obviously learnt from her parents - tells the others that they need to lock Annabelle back in the cabinet to stop her terrorising them - I thought this would have been more obvious to them! Bob - who I can only assume has been hiding in the garden this whole time - reappears and saves Judy from Black Shuck, and Daniela becomes possessed by the Bride. The priest spirit who has previously been stalking Judy is actual her guardian angel, and leads to her and Mary Ellen to Annabelle and the keys for the cabinet. As they are unable to get Annabelle back where she belongs, Judy plays a video of the Bride's exorcism recorded by Ed and Daniela is released from the curse and the trio are able to force Annabelle back into the cabinet, which leads to the other released spirits going back to their homes too.

When Ed and Lorraine return they are told of the previous nights events, and Lorraine passes on a comforting message to Daniela from her dad,

Overall I wasn't a fan of this film, its too jumpy for me.


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