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Blumhouse & Atomic Monster Join Forces

After being officially announced over a year ago, Jason Blum's Blumhouse and James Wan's Atomic Monster are a done deal. Blumhouse & Atomic Monster have joined forces, as Blum himself announced on X (Twitter).

The merger deal between the two big horror studios ultimately creates a horror powerhouse with “The preeminent homes for horror are now under one roof,” as described by Jason Blum. THR details both will remain separate entities within the genre but will ultimately work collaboratively in a three-way spilt with NBCUniversal.

"Under the deal, Blumhouse and Atomic Monster will work as separate labels and retain creative independence, with a three-way ownership structure split by Blum, the majority owner; Wan; and Comcast, the parent company of NBCUniversal."

The two banners have worked together previously, and have the feature Night Swim in cinemas 5th January from Blumhouse’s longtime home Universal, where his and Wan’s combined company has a first-look deal. The pair also were behind the 2023 hit M3GAN and first partnered on the Insidious franchise in 2010.

Both Wan and Blum have said the partnership would encourage a greater collaboration between the two back in June 2023 whilst promoting Aquaman 2. Variety also reported back in November 2022, “Atomic Monster is expecting to utilise the existing Blumhouse infrastructure to further scale their activities in film, TV and new content areas. The idea behind the alliance is to increase the output from each side. They also hope to expand into horror-related games, live entertainment and audio.”

"Our deal is …. Done. @blumhouse and #AtomicMonster have officially joined forces. The preeminent homes for horror are now under one roof." - @jason_blum

Nothing like a bit of good news to start the year folks!


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