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Annabelle Comes Home - A Hooked On Horror Review

I went into this film with high hopes and luckily it did not disappoint! Although the story was more simplistic than the previous films it was still a truly enjoyable film.

The cast was great, solid performances from Wilson and Farmiga as The Warrens again but the youngers main cast were really fantastic. I'd probably say this is the most jumpy film in the franchise to date, what made it better is the film went for obvious setups but hit the audiences with the scares in elsewhere. Also some great comedic and light hearted moments throughout the film. Was nice due to the film becoming relentless with the scares from about halfway through. The effects, make up and special effects were fantastic. Main reason I enjoyed this so much mind was the creature designs. Highlights for me were the Hellhound and The Ferryman. I can only hope these guys get spin off films! As for watching it with the screen used doll...I will admit it really freaked me out. Creeped me out to the point I didn't want to pick her back up to give her back afterwards.

All in all a great addition to the franchise that gives the audience some fantastic scares and introduces some truly amazing creatures and monsters into The Conjuring franchise. Would definitely recommend going to see this one!


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