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A Hooked On Horror Quiz - The Ultimate Halloween Quiz (Answers)

Hope you enjoyed yesterday's quiz, I'm working on my stuff for you guys that should bring a huge smile to your face. Be sure to tune into HalloweenAtHome tonight on Twitter. You can find all the info on it here. Time to find out how you did on The Ultimate Halloween Quiz then...

The Ultimate Halloween Quiz (Answers)

Art by Bryan Zap


1. A many people portrayed Michael Myers in the original 1978 classic? Six people in total played The Shape in Carpenter's original classic. They were Nick Castle, Tony Moran, John Carpenter, Tommy Lee Wallace, James Winburn and Debra Hill. In an interview, Tony Moran claimed that the reason why Michael Myers was played by more than one actor, was because they could only use those who were available on each day of filming. 2. Which horror actor who went on to become an icon actually worked as a crew member on the film? Robert Englund of the A Nightmare on Elm Street film series revealed in an interview that John Carpenter had him throw bags of dead leaves on set for one day. 3. Before a Captain Kirk death mask was chosen as the Myers mask, a mask of what other Star Trek character was considered? A mask of Spock was briefly considered along with masks of Richard Nixon and Emmett Kelly. 4. What was the name of the the club advertised on Nurse Marion Chambers matchbook? The Rabbit in Red Lounge

5. How many injuries does Michael sustain from Laurie? Three in total. Michael takes a sewing needle in the neck, a coat hanger in the eye and gets stabbed in the stomach with his own knife.

Halloween II

6. Which comedic actor made a his feature film debut in the film? Dana Carvey, better known as Garth in Wayne's World, appeared briefly as a news assistant in the film. 7. Due to the violence and nudity in the film, it was originally banned in which two places? The film was banned in Iceland and West Germany, and later banned on video in Norway. 8. What was the full name of the hospital Laure is taken to in the film? HMH- Haddonfield Memorial Hospital. 9. Dick Warlock did stunts for which cast member in Steven Spielberg's Jaws?

He was Richard Dreyfuss' stunt double in Jaws. It was pretty him in the cage as Hooper with the shark attacks him.

10. Which 1954 song featured in the film? And who performed it Mr. Sandman performed by The Chordettes.

Halloween III: The Season of the Witch

11. Who voiced the Silver Shamrock commercials in the film? The film's writer/director Tommy Lee Wallace 12. Which two cast members are the only two to be in the first three Halloween films? Jamie Lee Curtis- she played Laurie Strode in the first and second film. In the third she was the operator voice Challis keeps getting whenever he tries to call from Santa Mira. Nancy Kyes- played Annie in the first two films. She voiced Alice's friend on the phone in Halloween II as well, and she was Linda Challis in Season of the Witch 13. Who was originally going to direct the film? Gremlins and The Howling director Joe Dante was originally chosen before he moved on to another project and Wallace took over. 14. How many times throughout the film is the Silver Shamrock theme song played? The Silver Shamrock theme was played a total of 14 times in the movie: four times at the gas station, once at Linda Challis' home; once at the hospital, once in the bar, twice on the television screens in the shop window, twice on the radio, once in the motel office, once in test room A, and once in the final admittance area. 15. What did the film makers use for the liquid coming from the robots' mouths? The fluid coming out of the robots' mouths is in fact orange juice.

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers

16. What was the name of Jamie Lloyd's dog? Sundae, was actually the third dog to be killed in the series. 17. Who was Jamie originally going to stab to death at the end of the film? The original ending had Rachel go upstairs to take a shower and replace the dirty, blood-stained clothes she was wearing only to have Jamie sneak up behind her and stab her to death. This scene was later changed to Darlene Caruthers.

18. George P. Wilbur's favourite kill in the film is what? George P. Wilbur (Michael Myers) has said in an interview that his favorite kill in the movie is when he kills Kelly Meeker (Kathleen Kinmont) by pinning her to the wall with the shotgun. 19. Halloween 4 was Danielle Harris' second feature film. True or false? False. This film was in fact her feature film debut. 20. What were painted to pass as pumpkins in the film? Squash were painted to look like pumpkkns during the film.

Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers

21. This film was the lowest grossing film in the series. True or False?

True, it was the lowest grossing film in the entire franchise.

22. Who portrayed the infamous 'Man in Black' for the majority of the film?

Don Shanks revealed in an interview that many of the scenes involving the man in black had him playing the character, because of speculation that he was a blood relative of Michael Myers. He also admitted that even the writers had not yet decided the man in black's identity.

23. What halloween costume does Jamie wear in the film?

Danielle Harris was dressed as a Princess.

24. Don Shanks was originally meant to wear the same mask worn by George P. Wilbur in the previous film. Why was the Myers mask changed?

The mask did not fit Shanks, so a new one was made.

25. Donald Pleasence accidentally injured which fellow cast member during filming?

Whilst shooting a scene he accidentally hit Don Shanks in the nose, breaking it. As a result, they had to cut out the nose of the mask and add on a paper thin nose cut off of another H5 mask. The edges of the nose appliance can be seen clearly in a lot of the film.

Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers

26. What was the films original title? The film originally had the title 'Halloween 666: The Origin of Michael Myers'. 27. Most of the cast and crew disowned the film. True or false? On the Halloween: 25 Years of Terror DVD, they stated that the studio, producers, and director interfered and argued to the point of ridiculousness which resulted in a very poorly directed and edited film. 28. Who suggested the film be called The Curse of Michael Myers? And why? Writer Daniel Farrands suggested the title due to the troubled production. 29. What is the name of the cult lead by Dr. Wynn? They were called the Thorn cult

30. Which Marvel actor made their feature film debut in this film?

Paul Rudd, who later went on to play Ant-Man made his feature film debut in this film.

Halloween H20: 20 Years Later

31. How many Michael Myers masks were used throughout the film?

For reasons unknown, on the Halloween: 25 years of terror DVD, John Carl Buechler and Greg Nicotero of KNB FX revealed that this movie uses 4 completely different masks throughout the movie. The first one from John Carl Buechler resembled the one from Halloween 6. However, the producers were not satisfied so they called in Greg Nicotero and had him make a new mask and filming resumed using it. Then again this masked was replaced by another one, at one point a CGI mask is also used. Watching the movie, it is fairly obvious to see that mask change throughout.

32. Chris Durand, who played Myers in this film, also portrayed which other iconic slasher icon?

Chris Durand did a lot of stunts as Ghostface in Scream 2.

33. Jamie Lee Curtis & director Steve Miner tried to get which actor to cameo in the film?

Jamie Lee Curtis and director Steve Miner recall lobbying for a brief scene where Laurie Strode gets out of a car and does a double take when actor Mike Myers walks by, but the actor "shut us down."

34. Which female cast member hadn't seen any of the previous Halloween films?

Michelle Williams signed on never having seen any of the Halloween movies.

35. Who was originally going to direct the film?

John Carpenter was originally in the running to be the director for this particular follow-up since Jamie Lee Curtis wanted to reunite the cast and crew of the original to have active involvement in it. It was believed that Carpenter opted out because he wanted no active part in the sequel; however, this is not the case. Carpenter had agreed to direct the movie, but his starting fee as director was $10 million, and he wanted a three-picture deal with Dimension Films. Carpenter rationalised this by believing the hefty fee was compensation for revenue he never received from the original Halloween. When Akkad and Dimension Film's Weinstein brothers balked at Carpenter's demands, Carpenter walked away from the project.

Halloween: Resurrection

36.How many different endings were shot for the film?

Several new endings were written during production and four different endings were filmed. The director wanted the studio to ship a different ending to each theatre, a technique used before during the theatrical release of Clue. However, the studio disagreed and the endings now appear on the DVD and the Internet.

37. Which well known stunt man was a Michael Myers stunt double in this film?

Brad Lorree portrayed The Shape for this film.

38. Michael using the spiked tripod leg to kill someone is a homage to which 1960 film? Michael's use of a spiked leg of a tripod as a weapon is an homage to Michael Powell's "Peeping Tom".

39. The film ended with the intention of continuing the story and allowing which character from a previous film to return?

Josh Harnett was originally planned to reprise his role as John Tate and seek revenge for his mother's death.

40. According to this film, what was Michael Myers date of birth?

October 19, 1957

Rob Zombie's Halloween

41. Where was this film shot?

The film was mostly shot in South Pasadena, California, the same area where John Carpenter's original film was filmed.

42. The film wasn't released in the US on Halloween weekend as the studio didn't want to go up against what film?

The movie was not released in the United States on Halloween weekend, as was the original, for fear of going head to head with Saw IV. It was instead released two months earlier on the last weekend in August 2007.

43. What film is on while Laurie babysits Tommy and Lindsey?

The movie on while Laurie is babysitting Tommy and Lindsey is 1959's House on Haunted Hill starring Vincent Price.

44. Which two actresses did Rob Zombie originally want to play Laurie Strode and Lynda?

Director Rob Zombie originally wanted Danielle Harris to play Laurie Strode and Sheri Moon Zombie to play Lynda.

45.Before they decided to go with Zombie's Halloween, the studio were about to green light a a Halloween film about what?

Before deciding to go with Rob Zombie's version, the studio was about to green light "Halloween: The Missing Years", which would have been a prequel, set within Michael Myers' early days at the asylum.

Rob Zombie's Halloween II

46. What year did Halloween II release?


47. Who was offered a cameo in the film?

John Carpenter was offered a cameo in the film by Rob Zombie, but he turned it down.

48. Which two Sons of Anarchy actors appear in this film?

Mark Boone Junior (Floyd) and Dayton Callie (Coroner Hooks) both appear together in SOA as Bobby Elvis and Chief Wayne Unser.

49. Laurie is dressed as which Rocky Horror Picture Show character in the film?

During the Halloween party, Laurie is dressed as Magenta from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

50. The body count in the director's cut was 19. True or False?

False. The body count in the theatrical count was 19, the Director's Cut body count was 20.


51. Who joined forces with John Carpenter to score the film?

The music is composed by John Carpenter, his son Cody and his godson Daniel Davies. The trio had previously collaborated on John Carpenter's Lost Themes and Lost Themes II albums.

52. What was the working/production title of the film during production?

The working/production title on set was "Uncle Orange."

53. James Jude Courtney did what to prepare for his role as Michael Myers?

Actor James Jude Courtney, who plays Michael Myers, consulted with real-life killers on how to kill people to make his performance believable. In his own words 'Michael has been locked up for 40 years so he's had a long time to think about killing but obviously he's still efficient and driven so I wanted to make sure people see that in my performance'.

54. How much money do Dana & Aaron pay Laurie to speak with her for their podcast?

They offered Laurie $3,000 to speak with her.

55. Which actor and close friend of Jamie Lee Curtis helped convince her to reprise her role as Laurie Strode?

Jake Gyllenhaal helped convince Jamie Lee Curtis to reprise her role of Laurie Strode for the film. Jake Gyllenhaal is a family friend of Curtis' and is dubbed by her as an unofficial godson.


Hope you enjoyed the quiz!


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