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A Hooked On Horror Quiz - The Ultimate Halloween Quiz

So to get you all fired up for Blumhouse's Halloween At Home event tomorrow I thought I'd give you guys a quiz focusing solely on the Halloween franchise. The quiz features 5 questions from every film, spilt off and labelled accordingly.

I'll release the answers same time tomorrow before #HalloweenAtHome.

Enjoy folks!

The Ultimate Halloween Quiz

Art by Bryan Zap


1. How many people portrayed Michael Myers in the original 1978 classic?

2. Which horror actor, who went on to become an icon, actually worked as a crew member on the film?

3. Before a Captain Kirk death mask was chosen as the Myers mask, a mask of what other Star Trek character was considered?

4. What was the name of the the club advertised on Nurse Marion Chambers' matchbook?

5. How many injuries does Michael sustain from Laurie?

Halloween II

6. Which comedic actor made his feature film debut in this?

7. Due to the violence and nudity in the film, it was originally banned in West Germany and where else?

8. What was the full name of the hospital Laurie is taken to in the film?

9. Dick Warlock did stunts for which cast member in Steven Spielberg's Jaws?

10. Which 1954 song featured in the film? And who performed it?

Halloween III: Season of the Witch

11. Who voiced the Silver Shamrock commercials in the film?

12. Which two cast members are the only two to be in the first three Halloween films?

13. Who was originally going to direct the film?

14. How many times throughout the film is the Silver Shamrock theme song played?

15. What did the film makers use for the liquid coming from the robots' mouths?

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers

16. What was the name of Jamie Lloyd's dog?

17. Who was Jamie originally going to stab to death at the end of the film?

18. George P. Wilbur's favourite kill in the film is what?

19. Halloween 4 was Danielle Harris' second feature film. True or false?

20. What vegetables were painted to pass as pumpkins in the film?

Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers

21. This film was the lowest grossing film in the series. True or False?

22. Who portrayed the infamous 'Man in Black' for the majority of the film?

23. What halloween costume does Jamie wear in the film?

24. Don Shanks was originally meant to wear the same mask worn by George P. Wilbur in the previous film. Why was the Myers mask changed?

25. Donald Pleasence accidentally injured which fellow cast member during filming?

Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers

26. What was the films original title?

27. Most of the cast and crew disowned the film. True or false?

28. Who suggested the film be called The Curse of Michael Myers? And why?

29. What is the name of the cult headed by Dr. Wynn?

30. Which Marvel actor made their feature film debut in this film?

Halloween H20: 20 Years Later

31. How many Michael Myers masks were used throughout the film?

32. Chris Durand, who played Myers in this film, also portrayed which other iconic slasher icon?

33. Jamie Lee Curtis & director Steve Miner tried to get which actor to cameo in the film?

34. Which female cast member hadn't seen any of the previous Halloween films?

35. Who was originally going to direct the film?

Halloween: Resurrection

36.How many different endings were shot for the film?

37. Which well known stunt man/horror actor was a Michael Myers stunt double in this film?

38. Michael using the spiked tripod leg to kill someone is a homage to which 1960 film?

39. The film ended with the intention of continuing the story and allowing which character from a previous film to return?

40. According to this film, what was Michael Myers date of birth?

Rob Zombie's Halloween

41. Where was this film shot?

42. The film wasn't released in the US on Halloween weekend as the studio didn't want to go up against what film?

43. What film is on while Laurie babysits Tommy and Lindsey?

44. Which two actresses did Rob Zombie originally want to play Laurie Strode and Lynda?

45.Before they decided to go with Zombie's Halloween, the studio were about to green light a a Halloween film about what?

Rob Zombie's Halloween II

46. What year did Halloween II release?

47. Who was offered a cameo in the film?

48. Which two Sons of Anarchy actors appear in this film?

49. Laurie is dressed as which Rocky Horror Picture Show character in the film?

50. The body count in the director's cut was 19. True or False?


51. Who joined forces with John Carpenter to score the film?

52. What was the working/production title of the film during production?

53. James Jude Courtney did what to prepare for his role as Michael Myers?

54. How much money do Dana & Aaron pay Laurie to speak with her for their podcast?

55. Which actor and close friend of Jamie Lee Curtis helped convince her to reprise her role as Laurie Strode?


Hope you enjoyed the quiz, I'll post the answers tomorrow 19.30. So you've got 24 hours to play. Of course stay with us for Fun Fact Friday and the Halloween At Home event tomorrow night!


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