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A Flawed Figure From NECA

My NECA Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter 1/4 scale Jason Voorhees arrived from Mad About Horror New Years Eve.

Fantastic addition to my collection. The sculpt and detail of the figure is fantastic, as is the paint job. And the size, my god the size of him is pretty impressive (and slightly intimdating)!

However, I do have a few issues though...and I feel a little let down by NECA if I'm honest. Due to the weight of the figure I have had issues posing him outside the box and the figure has struggled to stay standing up. He decided to fall off the shelf at 6am this morning which scared the shit out of us. The joints and points of articulation are insanely stiff and difficult to move or even pose, the right hand was so tight when he first arrived I struggled to fit any of the three weapons that came with him into his hand. And as for the interchangeable hand and might as well forget about it. It took me a while to change the hand, the head however I can't even change.

Considering the usually high quality of their figures and the price tag this Jason came with I was expecting a lot more. If you wanna keep him in the box he'll be perfect for you, if not I'd maybe think twice about buying him.

I am happy with him overall but I'd probably think twice before buying a larger figure from NECA again.

If there is something I can do to make things easier to change or move please let me know, I've never had to on any previous figures I've bought before so I wouldn't know how to.

On a better note, amazing customer service, handling, shipping and value yet again from Mad About Horror. Thank you guys.


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