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In the end, We All Die Alone.

'A chance encounter dangerously intertwines the lives of three people with differing perspectives on love.'

We Die Alone is an Award Winning Short Film from Marc Cartwright. Staring Baker Chase Powell (Dolemite Is My Name) as Aidan, Ashley Jones (True Blood) as Elaine and Samantha Boscarino (How To Rock) as Chelsea.

As a single man who can sometimes be social awkward myself, I found an immediate connection with the films protagonist, Aidan. The apparent awkwardness sets the tone of the film he as prepares for his date by practising in front of the mirror. We’ve all been there… Right?

But seconds later we see him sat at the dinner table opposite a ‘faceless’ mannequin and we begin to understand the dark undertones of the film.

After the slight ‘Norman Bates’ understanding of Aidan’s character, we once again begin to emotionally connect with elements of the short as we are introduced to kind natured Elaine and the story unfolds like a drama we’ve all been through. Trying to navigate the dating scene in the modern world. But it’s with the introduction of fresh faced Chelsea, and Aidan’s fixation with ‘the right connection’, that the film starts to lean into its dark undertones, with a haunting stalker vibe, reminiscent of a Hitchcock movie.

From sticking on printed faces of the dates he has ghosted to unnervingly slipping on Chelsea’s stolen garment over the mannequins figure, my mind went straight to Frank Zito from Maniac. Just how fucked up is Aidan and how far will he go? After all, the mannequin has a smashed face, and with Aidan’s obsession with puzzles, is he looking for that missing piece?

The continuing interactions between Elaine and Aidan are quite (bitter) sweet, Elaine emanating feelings towards Aidan who doesn’t pick up on the cues, but each time the film delves into the romantic psyche that some horror-thriller fans may not be interested in, we’re quickly pulled back into the protagonists fragile state which tickles the audience’s anxieties.

Things begin to ramp up after the halfway mark, and having laid all the ground work, Cartwright is ready to show the audience what this film has to deliver, but none of the puzzle pieces prepare you for what’s to come.

We Die Alone (which is released TODAY on Amazon Prime) is a character driven piece, with exceptional acting by Power, Jones and Boscarine, who's characters each have their own struggles to navigate and who's interactions has very surprising results. The short did very well on the Film Festival Circuit, winning awards at iHorror, ShriekFest and Crimson Screen Film Festival.

Writer / Director Marc Cartwright (alongside Screenwriter Cassie Keet) have created a taut and effective thriller which tickles our anxieties, and I'll be looking forward to other films under their Glass Cabin Films umbrella.

Review by Craig Fisher (@FisherFilms82)

We Die Alone available NOW on Amazon Prime.


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