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Scary Stories Sequel On The Way

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Paramount is teaming up with Entertainment One to make a sequel to 2019's Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.

Scary Stories managed to scare up over $105 Million worldwode so it's no suprise a sequel has been ordered.

A lot of the creative minds behind the first film are returning for the sequel. André Øvredal will be directing again with the original writers Dan Hageman and Kevin Hageman returning to pen the script. Guillermo Del Toro will be writing the story as he did with the first film, however it is not currently known if he'll be producing again.

Whilst the 2019 flick adapted the short story collections by Alvin Schwartz, they only used a handful of storys. With Schwartz's three collections each containing between 25 and 29 stories, there's going to be plenty for the filmmakers to choose from. What story do you hope they'll include in the sequel?


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