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Paramount Are Rebooting Sleepy Hollow

Paramount are heading back to Sleepy Hollow as they close a deal with Lindsey Beer for a film reboot.

As reported by Deadline, Beer signed an overall deal with Paramount recently and the studio has agreed to let Beer tackle classic horror title Sleepy Hollow. She will be writing, directing and producing alongside Todd Garner and Spencer Walken of Broken Road Productions. Beer will be making her directorial debut later this year with a prequel to Stephen King's iconic Pet Sematary. The film is currently in post production and is set to be released late 2022.

As of yet there are no details concerning narrative or plot, but I can't imagine it straying too far from the original story. The iconic horror story has of course had various adaptations over the years ranging from an animated Disney film in 1949, a rather lacklustre TV series that ran for four seasons from 2013 - 2017 before being cancelled and of course the most popular version- Tim Burton's 1999 film adaptation starring Christina Ricci and Johnny Depp. The film went on to gross over $200 million worldwide and has become some what of a fan favourite ever since.


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