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Bill Skarsgård Reprises Role As Pennywise

It prequel series ‘Welcome to Derry’ will mark the return of a familiar face as Pennywise the Clown.

Skarsgård in It: Chapter Two

Bill Skargård is set to reprise his iconic role of Pennywise in the upcoming prequel TV series. In addition to starring, Skargård will also serve as executive producer on the show. This marks Sakrsgard’s return to King’s TV Universe, as he previously starred in the Hulu series Castle Rock. As reported by Deadline-

“Bill Skarsgård is set to star in and executive produce the Max It prequel series Welcome to Derry. On the Warner Bros. Television-produced series Skarsgård is reuniting with other key auspices from the It film franchise, the two movies’ director Andy Muschietti, producer Barbra Muschietti and Chapter Two co-producer Jason Fuchs, who developed the TV adaptation of the Stephen king horror classic, as well as the films’ other producers Roy Lee and Dan Lin. Andy Muschietti will direct four episodes of the nine-episode series.”

The series stems from a story by Andy Muschietti, Barbra Muschietti and Fuchs based on King’s novel. The upcoming series will begin in the 1960s in the time leading up to the events of It: Part One, the 2017 film based on the Stephen king horror novel. The story is also said to include the origin story of legendary villain Pennywise the Clown.

behind the scenes of It

Skarsård in the make-up chair behind the scenes of It (2017)

Stay tuned for additional details of the series as they arrive


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