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Asmus Toys Unveil a Groovy Evil Dead 2 Ash Figure

It's hard to even talk about horror icons without mentioning Bruce Campbell's Ashley Williams from the Evil Dead franchise, and Asmus Toys have just unveiled a pretty 'groovy' figure to honour the man himself.

Asmus Toys reveal their upcoming 1/6th scale Ash Williams figure from Sam Raimi's Evil Dead 2, and it looks incredible. The figure stands at approximately 12.4 inches tall and looks like a pretty amazing addition to any horror fans collection. And if the standard edition of the figure isn't enough, the "Luxury Edition" also includes a stand complete with Henrietta. Regardless of which edition you go after, they both come with over 32 points of articulation for fans to pose as they wish as well as an array of accessories to recreate various scenes from the film.

You can check out the full details and gallery below.


The Evil Dead II Ash Williams Sixth Scale Figure features authentic and detailed fully realistic likeness from the feature film EVIL EEAD II directed by Sam Raimi in 1987

· Approximately 31.5 cm / 12.4 inches tall · Over 32 points of articulation Features: · Asmus Toys ADAM body · An authentic likeness of the actor Bruce Campbell as Ash from the feature film. · One pair of relaxed posture hand · One pair of weapon grip hand · One pair of fist

· One wrapped up wounded right hand · One pair of boots Special features on Clothing: · One pair of long sleeved blue shirt · One pair of long brown work pants · One black belt · One set of shot gun rig

Special features in weapons:

. One Boomstick (shotgun)

· One chainsaw in metal blade (can be attached in wrist joint) · One Kandarian Dagger Accessories: · One Asmus Toys figure stand

.One zombie hand

.One book of the dead

Luxury Edition also includes:

.One Deadite Ash head (can be switched onto the body) · One Deadite Linda head

· One operable bench vise (for Deadite Linda)

· One pair of damaged and weathered blue shirt

. One seamless double jointed left arm

.One Deadlite Henrietta figure, interact with the cabinet stage · One cabinet diorama stage and back drop with operable basement door.

Be warned this doesn't come cheap folks with the standard selling for $195 and the luxury edition for $350. It is currently up for pre-order HERE & HERE, shipping November 2021.


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